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4th Graders Give Us Something to Talk About!

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

March 2022, students in the 4th grade represented Winton Hills Academy proudly! Students prepared speeches and competed at the district level in hopes of moving up to the state competition. Students were nervous, excited, and supportive of each other throughout the entire process. Watch them speak at this link.

Only three students would move on to the state competition in Columbus. Out of the five students representing WHA, all three intermediate spots would be students from Winton Hills Academy. Check out this video! These students were thankful for the assistance provided by the foundation. They were able to get help looking good with some new dress clothes and were able to make that 2-hour trip to Columbus with their teachers, all while having food and transportation provided. One student was awarded 2nd Place at the state level. We are very proud of all students involved. They represented WHA well.


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