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5th Graders Win National Book Contest!

"Grace Among Us" is a heartfelt book written about the amazing life of Ms. Bates. Students in 5th grade took the time to interview and learn about the amazing former employee who had many experiences in life that she overcame, with grace. Ms. Bates showed the girls compassion along with grace as she shared her life experiences. The girls took notes and listened to the stories Ms. Bates shared. From that, they created a book about the gracefulness of the amazing Ms. Bates. The following video is a read-aloud of the book written by Le'Mia Allen, Dai'janae Arrington, Nevah Burton, Alaysia McKenzie, and McKenzie Williams.

These students worked on this book for months trying to highlight the amazing Ms. Bates not only writing the book but also illustrating it. They put in extra time during school to create this award-winning book with the guidance of their great Language Arts and Social Studies teacher, Ms. Dellecave. Ms. Dellecave is so proud of the hard work and dedication the five girls put into the book.


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