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Dr. Tina Russo

Founder, Friends of WHA Foundation

Tina retired after a 40 years as an educator and school administrator.  She has seen her vision of Winton Hills Academy transforming into a high performing school where students can excel and reach their dreams become a reality. Tina co-founded FOWHA to support the students and the teachers in Building a Brighter Tomorrow.


Joe Wilmers

Founder, Friends of WHA Foundation

Joe retired from CPS after a 37 year career as a teacher, administrator and school social worker. He loves to polish the rough diamonds at Winton Hills Academy and let them shine like the sun. Joe started the Foundation with Tina to ensure that the many hard working and talented WHA students reach their dreams.


Ben Fulton

Current Principal, WHA

Ben began his teaching career in 1997 and transitioned into administration in 2013.  He loves seeing the progress Winton Hills Academy students make and the high standards and expectations staff have for students.  Winton Hills Academy continues helping students daily believe all things are possible for building a brighter tomorrow.

Nicole Fredrick

Nicole Fredrick

Treasurer, Friends of WHA Foundation

After leaving a job in Media Advertising Sales, Nicole channeled her passion for helping the community by volunteering for several organizations.  She was introduced to Winton Hills Academy through a mentoring program over 10 years ago and immediately fell in love with the school's enthusiasm and dedication to educating its students.  As an original Board Member, she helps spearhead the Annual Fundraising efforts and Teacher Appreciation events.


Latricia Jones

Director of Grants Management, Accelerate Great Schools

Latricia has been engulfed in the non-profit sector for over 14 years. While working at Winton Hills Academy, she found her passion for collaborating with key stakeholders and partners to support students and families feel success. Latricia joined the Friends of Winton Hills Academy foundation to continue the quest of ensuring students and families have equitable access to resources for success! 


Jennifer Wagner

First Grade Teacher, WHA

Jennifer has been teaching first grade for 31 years.  She loves teaching her first graders and seeing them learn how to read! Jennifer joined the foundation to help her Winton Hills students get all of the things that they need to learn.

Shelby Zimmer.jpg

Shelby Zimmer

Community Resource Coordinator, WHA

Shelby started working at Winton Hills Academy in 2015. She is striving for greatness in the community and is excited to be part of the Winton Hills Academy team. She is very passionate about her role in supporting the Winton Hills Academy students, parents and staff.  

Sharon Petko-Bunney.jpg

Sharon Petko-Bunny

Project Manager, Process Plus

Sharon has been volunteering at WHA for over 20 years, connected through Sycamore Junior High.  Her passion is to help the community of WHA to better themselves through improved education and support systems. Sharon is best known as the Field Day Colonel with her spinning beany hat and making sure that everyone has a good time. In her other life, Sharon is an engineering project manager and sometimes wears her spinning beany hat to keep everyone on their toes.


Judy Keller

Kindergarten Teacher, WHA

Judy has been teaching Kindergarten for 33 years. Kindergarteners have a natural love of learning and school. Watching them bloom and shine keeps her going! Judy joined the foundation to help her Winton Hills students continue their love of learning and reaching for the stars.

Father Joe 2.PNG

Fr. Joe Folzenlogen, S.J.

Community Advocate

Fr. Joe is the director of the Claver Jesuit Ministry based at Mother of Christ Church across the street from WHA. He is the chair of the Local School Decision Making Committee (LSDMC) at WHA. He is also the chair of the executive board of the Winton Hills Community Council and the manager of its Neighborhood Support Program funds. He is a member of the St. Bernard conference of St. Vincent de Paul that does home visiting in Winton Hills.


Jesse M. Garza II, BBA,BA

Client Relations,  MCM CPAs & Advisors

Jesse has been with MCM for 20 years and is also on the Board of Accounting for Kids, a program that introduced the Firm to Winton Hills Academy.  Jesse has been the Firm’s WHA Adopt a Class liaison for 12 years, and that relationship led him to the Foundation as another means for him and the Firm serving the Academy.

Nermine Banke.jpg

Nermine Banke

Business & Technology Consultant

Nermine was introduced to WHA through her childrens' school, Sycamore Junior High, and her employer Centric Consulting. She volunteered as liaison and quickly fell in love with the positive energy and beautiful faces in the building.  Nermine serves on this board because she sees the incredible potential and achievements of the WHA students, teachers and alumni.