From Concern To Action

Everyone is aware that public education labors under tight funding restraints. There simply is not enough money to do all the things that make for a well rounded educational program. It is easy to wring one’s hand in disappointment and to lament the loss of opportunity. But a group of people decided to accept the invitation of school leadership to do something more than just complain. A group of Friends of Winton Hills Academy have formed a foundation to raise funds to supplement and enhance the program of the school

Purpose: Articles of Incorporation

Put in the more formal language of the articles of incorporation filed with the state: Friends of Winton Hills Academy will raise and distribute funds to be used for the purpose of enhancing the educational program at Winton Hills Academy, a Cincinnati Public School. Funds will be raised through direct solicitations, grants, fundraisers and donations. The funds will be used to provide educational support for current and former students and current staff and to purchase supplies and equipment used in the school’s academic programs. Examples of educational programs would include: field trips (especially out of town trips), educational supplies and equipment, incentives for students and staff, additional staff or additional staff hours and special programs.

Principal Benjamin Fulton

Resource Coordinator Shelby Zimmer