Future-City Engineering Competition

Winton Hills Academy Students
In Future-City Engineering Competition

As you may already know; five of our students:  Yori Crews, La’Quan Johnson, Jah’Tourya Pitts; Queen Hurry; Eric Ravenscraft) participated in a state-wide “Future-City” engineering competition this past Saturday, January 14, 2017 at Columbus State Community College. Please congratulate them!!
I had the pleasure of accompanying them and although the trip was a bit taxing on me…it was well worth it. Their knowledge of the content and the delivery of their presentation was very impressive. I not only was proud Mama but also teary eyed. πŸ™‚
The first round, they had to present in front of a panel of judges and answer questions. The second round consisted of just 3 of our team members; other teams and judges…no other adults permitted.  This phase of judging was to narrow the competition down to five finalist who would go on to the National Championship.  Although our Team (Hydro-City) didn’t make the finals; they represented well; impressed the judges and received two honorable mentions at the closing ceremony:  “Most Environmentally Friendly”  and “Rookie of the Year” awards.  Their certificates will be mailed within the next few weeks.
The competition was a platform for our students to develop their public speaking; critical thinking; time-management; team work skills; research and propose solutions to engineering challenges and apply math and science concepts to real-world issues.  This is a gateway to introduce them to various engineering careers and summer camps. The exposure to a different, unfamiliar environment served as a priceless experience.
This competition actually began in September; however, I wasn’t made aware until late November.  For these babies to pull it together in such a short time is outstanding.  Yes, Mr. Smith coached them and held them together; but he and I discussed how their background knowledge and how they tied it into their concept; presentation/conversation is a testament to what you (WHA teachers) have taught them, exposed them to. πŸ™‚
There were multiple components to the competition; one of them was an essay. Although the competition is over; our babies are going to work with Mr. Smith to complete the entire project and then; we’d like to have them present to you; their parents and our Marathon Partner.  We’d also like to have their final project put on display at WHA.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we were the only CPS school who participated; the only African American team and the youngest in the state to compete.  We went up against local districts like Amelia, Indian Hill Middle School and St. Ursula.   Please note that Future City Competition has been occurring in Ohio for 19 years and 25 years, nationally.  Some of the participating Ohio schools have been participating for 10 years or more.
We were strongly encouraged to return next year; they will email next year’s theme and particulars in Spring 2017.  When I receive the info; I’ll forward to WHA 5/6 grade teachers for review.
                                                                                                          Ms. Kathy Painter, WHA Resource Coordinator Emeritus