2017: WHA Year in Review

Future-City Engineering Competition
Five Winton Hills Academy students:  Yori Crews, La’Quan Johnson, Jah’Tourya Pitts; Queen Hurry; Eric Ravenscraft) participated in a state-wide “Future-City” engineering competition on Saturday, January 14, 2017 at Columbus State Community College. They represented well; impressed the judges and received two honorable mentions at the closing ceremony:  “MostEnvironmentally Friendly”  and “Rookie of the Year” awards.
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Martin Luther King, Jr., Delegation

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking 5 WHA students to the MLK Legacy Award
Breakfast. After eating a wonderful breakfast at the Freedom Center, we watched very talented singers, heard from brilliant high school students as they competed for the MLK Legacy Award and were blessed to hear Rev. Lynch speak.
Following the Breakfast and performances….. we marched with 100′ s of people to the Taft Theater. It was such a wonderful experience for the kids and also for me. Very inspiring day, all around.

Shelby Zimmer, WHA Resource Coordinator





Hidden Figures Field Trip

The Friends of Winton HIlls Academy Foundation was able to provide the funding for the 5th and 6th grade classes to view a screening of the movie Hidden Figures. Here is a photo and a sample of their thank you letters.

Dear Winton Hills Academy Foundation,
I want to say thank you for paying our way to see the movie Hidden Figures. I learned a lot of things from that movie. I didn’t just learn how popcorn tastes, but I learned never to doubt or discriminate someone because of their race. People picture success as a white man, but these were black women, and without them, John Glenn would’ve never made it into space. I learned something valuable during that movie: that a lot of people’s success is hidden. Their true potential is hidden. Read more.


Children in the primary grades often sit on the floor for some of their educational activities. The carpets in many of the classrooms were showing their age, so their teachers appealed to the Foundation for some new rugs. This photo thank you shows Ms. Keller’s kindergarten class standing on their colorful and comfortable carpet as they express their thanks to the Foundation. See more.

Ft. Ancient Field Trip

The mounds that circle the perimeter of a plateau above the banks of the Little Miami River were built by members of the Hopewell Native American Culture who lived during the Middle Woodland period between 50 BC and 450 AD. Winton Hills Academy are welcome visitors because, according to the staff,  they are well behaved and ask really good questions. After a series of presentations inside the museum, the students went on an extensive walking tour of the earthworks and other features of the site. Back at school in the days after the trip, classroom lessons and projects built on the experience. See more.


Capstone Links Innovation Award

The Capstone Links Project Innovation Award was received by the 4th graders in 2017 for the third year in a row!  The 4th graders project consisted of a reenactment of an American Revolution court drama. Chosen as the winner from almost 40 schools across the district, this award recognizes that their project received the highest rating by GE Representatives for innovative use of technology. See more.


Mascot Changes, Values Remain

Winton Hills Academy has retired the Roadrunner as its mascot and has adopted the bee. Actually the bee has been a prominent feature of the school since moving into the new building. There are bees all around the walls like this bee depositing trash in the proper container. There is a set of bee-attitudes that have been on the gym walls: Be Responsible, Be Positive, Be Prepared, Be Respectful, Be Safe. Those values impact every aspect of school life. A series of signs apply them to behavior in the hallway, the classroom, the office, the cafeteria, the auditorium, the bus, and recess. There is a series of videos with students actors explaining each of the bee-attitudes and encouraging the behaviors that flow from them. See signs.

Men of Honor Banquet

Mr. Calvin Buford is a prominent Cincinnati lawyer. He did a presentation at Winton Hills Academy when a student asked him, “Was Jesus white or black?” He was so impressed that a child that young would ask a thoughtful question like that, he began mentoring a group of the Winton Hills boys. Mr. Buford was selected by the Greater Cincinnati Foundation to be recognized at the Men of Honor banquet, a salute to African American men. Mr. Buford arranged for the boys to receive an invitation to the prestigious event and to provide tuxedos for the mandatory black tie event. Click here to view the thank-you video.



\Me and My Guy

This fall Winton Hills Academy created a special event for the girls in the school. “Me and My Guy” was an evening to dress up and come to the decorated gym with a father, grandfather, uncle, older cousin or brother. There was a DJ, dancing, food, and raffles. There was a good turnout. It was a good time to have a good time.