Hidden Figures Field Trip


Hidden Figures Field Trip

The Friends of Winton HIlls Academy Foundation was able to provide the funding for the 5th and 6th grade classes to view a screen of the movie Hidden Figures. Here are a few photos and a sampling of their thank you letters.

Dear Winton Hills Academy Foundation,
I want to say thank you for paying our way to see the movie Hidden Figures. I learned a lot of things from that movie. I didn’t just learn how popcorn tastes, but I learned never to doubt or discriminate someone because of their race. People picture success as a white man, but these were black women, and without them, John Glenn would’ve never made it into space. I learned something valuable during that movie: that a lot of people’s success is hidden. Their true potential is hidden.

Dear Foundation,
Thank you for giving us the pleasure of watching that movie. I’ve learned a lot from it. None of those girls were recognized for anything until 2016. That’s disappointing. They probably didn’t even celebrate in black history month. Again thank you for this pleasure.

Dear Friends of Winton Hills Academy,
Thank you so much for paying for us to go to the movie theater. It was a lot fun! I learned how hard it was for blacks to get a job and to get awarded. Also to be a leader and to work hard for what you want in life. Last thing I learned it to have faith in yourself and never give up, and put up a fight. Thank you for that super, amazing educational movie.

Dear WHA Foundation,
I thank you so much for raising money for us to go to the movie. I learned that you should never underestimate women because women can do anything., I also learned that if you work hard you can achieve things. We noticed that these women didn’t get recognized until 2016; when they were the ones who let women have rights. Thank you for letting us see this movie and paying for everything.