brighttomorrow2017-2018 Fund  Campaign

Dear Friends,

     When Shante George came before the Friends of Winton Hills Academy Foundation, she came with a dream, a purpose, and with a promise to make us proud if we would agree to share in her dream and help her financially.  Five years later, Shante is a graduate of the University of NC-Charlotte, pursuing a Master’s degree at Kings College, England, and is a substitute teacher and the after school program volunteer at Winton Hills Academy.  
     All of our students come from homes with limited resources that also limit their experiences with the world outside their neighborhood. The Foundation is helping students expand their view of the world.  Last year the students watched Hidden Figures at a local theatre and learned about African-American mathematicians who worked in Nasa’s computer division.  This year, several classes watched Wonder, a movie that inspired the students to be attentive, respectful, and kind to others that are different from them.  Four years ago, a busload of students took a field trip to Washington, DC and personally learned about civics, government, geography, and made the connection that “home” is not entirely just their neighborhood. 
     Two years ago, we rescued the underfunded Ohio Reads Tutoring Program and prevented the loss of this crucial service for our third graders.  The Foundation was able to finance the program and thereby providing no interruption to the tutoring education of the students. 
     These are just a few examples of the great work happening at Winton Hills Academy, but you and your willingness to serve others with your financial gifts are the real heroes.  Although you may not have personally seen Shante’s confidence as a college graduate, or the wonder seen in the students’ eyes looking up at the Washington Monument, or the students participating in the tutoring program, your kindness was present in each situation.  We thank you wholeheartedly.
     The Foundation’s work is not done.   As we “Thank You”, we humbly say, “Please continue to help us”.  We ask that you help us by making a tax-deductible donation so that the Foundation can stay strong and meaningful in the lives of our students. Please visit our website and marvel with us at the good things happening because of your generosity to the Foundation.   No gift is too small, and your gift today will make a difference in the future of many well-deserving children and educators.  Can we count on you? 

With Gratitude,
Christina Russo
Dr. Christina Russo, Ed.D.
President,Friends of Winton Hills Academy Board

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