Welcome to Friends of Winton Hills Academy Foundation

balloonladiesWelcome Back Faculty and Staff!

Was excited to surprise the wonderful faculty and staff of Winton Hills Academy this morning on the teacher’s first day back! (Of course, I had to rope my BFF Maria to help me for 2 hours at Kroger blowing all 65 up, and we now have a future in the floral department! And a huge shoutout to Q102 who donated their station van to help transport all of them!). Each balloon had a gift card in it and they all got popped this morning. These teachers teach in one of the most challenged environments so the non-profit foundation associated with the school wanted to do a little kick-off. God bless ALL teachers and staff who show up everyday to be a part of our children lives!! Here’s to a great school year for everyone!

21st Century Grant for ABC and WHA

I’m very proud to announce that Activities Beyond the Classroom has been awarded the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant for FY17 at Winton Hills Academy! This 21st CCLC grant is a three year grant providing all government requirements are met and a renewal is submitted annually meeting program expectations.  This was a very competitive process as ODE awarded 26 of 202 new applications.  ABC looks forward to working with the staff and students of Winton Hills Academy in providing quality enrichment programming!