Welcome to Friends of Winton Hills Academy Foundation

      Amazing things  are coming out of Winton Hills Academy, an inner city school in Cincinnati, despite soooooo many obstacles and challenges these kids (and teachers) face. The children come to school knowing it is one of the only safe and consistent places in their lives, and the dedicated faculty and staff tirelessly give 100% of themselves to make a difference – and it’s working!
     A shining example this year was a group of 5 students who entered a national children’s book contest, and out of 75 submissions from all over the country WON in blind judging!! Unbelievable! The book is called Misunderstood Micah and the theme is bullying with a unique twist by presenting  the bully’s perspective and why he does it. The kids did everything from the story to the illustrations.  We are so, so proud of these kids!
     That is just one example of some of the amazing things, but this school really needs supplemental financial help which is why we started a 501c3 foundation to support it. We help fund things like field trips, classroom materials, after school activities, tutoring materials and more that otherwise would not happen without our help.
     We know so many of you get bombarded at the holidays to give, but if you are able, ANYTHING you can do will go a long way to foster a great mission. We promise! $10 $25 $50 as well as larger gifts are most welcome, so anything you can do will help and your gift is tax-deductible! Thanks to modern technology, you can donate right here by clicking on the Donate below. And while you are here check out items about other wonderful things going on in the school. Thank you!

Link to 2018 Appeal Letter

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